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L'alba dels matiners. El procés dels trabucaires (Perpinyà, 1845Barcelona art/zona. De l'avantguarda a les noves estratègies cul

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( Calhoun, Craig )


Price: €19.00

2008, 208 pp.

Nationalism has been a current topic, in an intermittent way, during 200 years. With the same frequency it has been declared out of fashion. Nationalism has taken part in revolutions and independence wars. But hte fact that the existence and political autonomy of nations can be assumed as a reality most part of the time gives the measure of the real success of nationalism's plans. In rich countries, at least, we used to ignore all levels of latent nationalism, in our view of the world. We only paid attention to nationalism when it appeared as an armed conflict between estates. Conflicts than can modify their borders of their government systems. Under openly nationalist fights, deeper collective identity and pride patterns persist. Nationalism shapes them as a way of speaking, thinking and viewing the world, a world basicly formed by nations and their international relationships. Nationalism is a rhetoric which talks about things that are too different to be explained by a simple theory. A simple theory less still can explain each one of the movements, cultural patterns, estate politics and other plans shaped in part, by the nationalism's rethoric. This doesn't mean that this theory is not necessary. Now then, understanding nationalism in its multiple forms demands multiple theories. Posing a question such as: why nationalist movements seem to come in surges? would require a different theory than the question: why nationalism theory is generally linked to sexuality and gender? Dealing with each one of these issues in an appropriate way needs a more general comprehension (partly theoretical, partly historical) about nationalism's discursive formation, structural influence and emotive power in modern world.


Espanya (institucions)
Espanya (institucions)

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